This is a fun short game, made in 72 hs for the Mush Up game jam, in which you control a group of zombies.

You'll try to get the most zombies you can by eating humans.

The zombies will follow your mouse. If you click they'll run faster, but this consumes you energy.

The entire game (game desingn, models, animations, the horrible soundtrack, scripts, materials, scenes, and more) was entirely made by me during the jam.


Install instructions

You can play online, or you can download the files for windows.

If you download it, descompress it and execute Mush Up Game Jam.exe


Human Catchers 32x.rar 17 MB
Human Catchers 64x.rar 19 MB


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Very well made game. I really liked the first few minutes, but after I had 30+ zombies, it was almost impossible to gain more. The combo was the only time I increased, reaching 38 zombies. It seems impossible to reach a 100 zombies without it taking a very long time. The combo is to unrealiable to have any help in dealing with the masses of cops showing up.

Thanks! I think you should try to make bigger combos. Try to get a lot of cops in the same point and you'll for sure beat the game.